Breeding Beautiful Bengals



  1. Do bengal cats get along with other cats?

    Of course they do. They are fully domesticated cats and are the lounge room leopards of the cat world.

  2. Do bengal cats eat the same food as other cats?

    My bengal cats are fed a combination of raw minced beef twice daily and good quality dry biscuits.

    No supermarket food for these guys :-)

  3. Are bengal cats aggressive?

    Bengal cats are the same as regular cats and when visiting a breeder make sure the babies are friendly and that the conditions they live in are clean and well looked after. 

    Temperament is very important and should be evident from a young age.

  4. Do bengal cats like water?

    They love water and are often found trying to scoop out the contents of their water bowl onto the floor. 

    There is a special reason they do this and you need to ask a good breeder for the answer.

  5. Are bengal cats good with children?

    Bengal cats are fantastic with children, but keep in mind like any kitten/cat they can accidently scratch when playing so clipping of claws regularly is always a good idea.

    Your breeder can show you how this is done safely for you and the kitten.

    Bengal have an amazing ability to play for hours and children have the energy levels needed to keep up with a palyful bengal.

    They are inquisitive, playful, smart cats and as such should not be allowed to get bored alone for long periods of time.

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