Breeding Beautiful Bengals



Here at Chantay Bengals I strive to produce the healthiest, well tempered, show stopping bengal kittens that I possibly can

I only breed bengals therefore my attention is focused solely on that particular breed.

I have very specific goals here on how and where my breeding program is headed and this takes a lot of time, dedication and money.

That is why I work  to earn those big bucks to pay for the upkeep of my cats.

I do not at any stage earn a living from the breeding of my cats.

I also have applied for and received a TICA Outstanding Cattery which should give prospective owners peace of mind that not only am I a responsible breeder I also open myself and my cattery up for scrutiny.

If a kitten is offered to you by another breeder at a much cheaper rate than other reputable breeders then you need to ask yourself  WHY?

Ask to visit the cattery and meet with the breeder and have your questions ready to ask.

Kittens that run away and hide for lengthy periods of time that cannot be coaxed out of their hiding places must be viewed with suspicion and should not be adopted.

It is normal for kittens to scurry away when new people come into their special place but good temperament and a natural curiosity will win out in the end and they will approach you inquisitively.

Make sure the cattery you visit is clean and does not have any underlying odours.

The eyes of kittens must be clear and bright and ears of kittens must be clean.

Kittens must not have runny noses.

There must be no coughing, sneezing or an otherwise overall lacklustre appearance.

Coats should be glossy and well maintained.

Please ask the breeder how long they have been breeding as this can directly impact on their knowledge or lack of it of this particular breed.

You must also have piece of mind that if anything goes wrong and sometimes it does, that you will have the support of your breeder after you have taken possession of your new baby. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me in regards to any queries or questions you may have concerning myself or my beloved cats.  

My standards are exceptionally high and I make no apologies for this.