Breeding Beautiful Bengals


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Reply justin earl
5:59 AM on April 12, 2017 

Great to see Jan is still keeping people happy with awesome bengals. l got my Erazor of Jan back in 2005 and he is a big lovin fella, His mum was Minka from chantay and dad was Falco from runamuck. The best cats ever. Thank you Justin

Reply Emily Willems
9:08 AM on September 24, 2016 

Regis Rohellec is now the centre of my world. the first time i met him to his first steps into his new home Regis was nothing but energetic,gentle and playful. after the loss of my last bengal baby i was worried i could not find a Bengal that could fill that space. meeting Jan and her breeding program completely changed my opinion when i saw how inquistive her bengals were and how accustomed they were to human contact. its been just over a month since regis has been with me and every time i come home from wherever i am hes always so happy to see me and so full of love. his temperament is second to none and will always cuddle with me whenever i sit down and has so much personality. ive taught him to sit,fetch,and we're getting to shake and he loves every bit of as much as i do. no toilet accidents at all and well trained in regards to litter trays. if i ever need a brother or sister for Regis i know where i'm going. i met all of regis' family and they are kept in an immaculate caring environment. these arent just cats, these are companions for life xoxo thankyou Jan :)

Reply kayla wesley
7:51 AM on August 29, 2016 
We are first time Bengal parents to our very outgoing, inquisitive, handsome boy Archie. From the moment we met Jan we knew we wanted one of her babies, she went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and comfortable sharing all of her knowledge and answering all of our questions. Jan welcomed us into her home on numerous occasions so we could watch the babies grow and spend time with our little character. We met All of her cats which have the most amazing temperament, they were all relaxed and confident. It was obvious that jan has spent a lot of time with her cats as their temperaments are honestly amazing. All of her babies are kept in immaculate condition, it was clear from the start that Jans cats are her complete world ? if we were to ever add another Bengal baby to our home without question or hesitation we would go back to chantay Bengals, we can honestly not reccomend any other breeder. Jan is more then Archie's breeder to us, she has become a wonderful friend. We feel so lucky to have such a crazy, confident, smoochy boy from you Jan, we will be forever be thankful :)
Reply Stephanie Innes
7:22 PM on August 12, 2016 
I'm a returning Bengal Mummy to Jan, as I honestly would not have gone anywhere else to get my boy. From the get go, Jan was amazing. She was approachable, knowledgable, and always contactable, and got back to me usually within a couple of minutes even at odd hours of the night which I really appreciate. My boy Bentley is just gorgeous and I feel so lucky to have got him! He has a beautiful temperament and has already fitted into my family perfectly. I've already had so many compliments on how gorgeous he is and his beautiful markings. I honestly wouldn't recommend any other breeder. That is way I came straight back to her. Jan has a passion for beautiful Bengal babies and it shows with how amazing each and everyone of her Bengals are. They are brought up in a loving and clean environment, and I even got the opportunity to meet Bentleys Mum, Dad and Grandfather. Thanks Jan once again for providing me with a beautiful Bengal, Bentley. I couldn't of asked for anything better! :) xx
Reply Sharon McMurtrie
9:42 PM on May 5, 2016 
I have two of Jan's babies! They are the most adorable, loving, playful, intelligent Bengals a person could wish to have! I want to thank Jan from the bottom of my heart, you have made my life so much more wonderful with Nix and Lux. I just know they will not be our last either. I am totally hooked!
Reply Lana and Lewis
12:59 AM on May 4, 2016 

Lewis and I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Jan for everything she has done for us with Arya.


From the moment Jan introduced herself I knew she is a breeder that goes above and beyond for her Bengal’s and clients.

Throughout the whole adoption process Jan has been available for any questions and she continues to be there when I require advice.


Arya is a Seal Mink Bengal and I still remember how blown away I was the first time Jan let me hold her. Her coat is unbelievably soft (doesn’t shed) and her temperament; She is high spirited, affectionate and cheeky.

And that’s what Jan breeds. Breathtaking Bengals that steal your heart :)


On 9th March, 2015 Lewis and I brought Arya home.

It took her only 2 days to warm up to her new older brothers Lenny (rescue – Maltese/Westie - 8mths old) and Rocko (Maltese/ShihTzu- 6 mth) and now all they do is run around the house exploring and playing. She is very affectionate and will greet you every morning and night with kisses and cuddles, which melts the heart.

Arya is also quiet a social kitty as she comes into work with me on a Friday. The first time she came in it took her maybe 5 minutes to warm up to the place and other animals, but now she is carefree and loves exploring the whole time she is here


Arya can be quiet cheeky at times which always brings a smile to our faces.

Lewis and I couldn’t be happier with Arya and how she has settled into our family. We had read up on Jan and her Bengals before but what people write honestly doesn’t do justice. It’s hard to express and explain just how much joy Arya has brought us and how beautiful her temperaments and coat truly are.


I am now a happy member of the Chantay Bengal Society and I will always highly recommend Jan to anyone who is interested in a Bengal


Thank you again Jan for everything :)

Lana and Lewis xx


Reply Sheree
9:47 AM on May 1, 2016 

Jan breeds the most amazing Bengal babies I've ever had the pleasure of encountering. The first time I entered her home, I was greeted at the door with cuddles and head rubs from her babies. All they wanted was cuddles and attention! I've never encountered so many cats with such fantastic personalities in one place! Jan has a unique skill, or gift if you would like, for raising kittens

I purchased a marbled snow sepia male from Jan, a little over a year ago. Mocha has one of the most loving personalities I've seen in a cat. He's incredibly gentle (and surprising lazy for a Bengal!), loves to cuddle, knead, headbutt and purr. He has become an integral part of the family and is dearly loved by all. 

In addition, Jan has always made herself available should I need some Bengal advice. She isn't one of those breeders that dumps you as soon as money is exchanged, she truly cares about the cats. 

Five Stars. Stop looking for a breeder, and buy your baby from Jan. Right now! You won't regret it!

Reply Sarah and Levi
3:07 AM on April 18, 2016 

On October 17th 2015 I Purchased my very first Bengal "Atlas" a Brown Spotted male kitten from Jan and I couldn’t be happier with him.


Atlas is the best cat I have owned with a beautiful nature fitting in perfectly into our house with his 4 dog mates.


Atlas loves people and will follow you around the house like a Puppy, Atlas loves to play on his cat gym but will also cuddle up to your on the couch and sleeps on our bed(In the middle ). Atlas also loves coming to work with me on a Friday and loves going in the car and sits on the back seat 


I highly recommend Jan’s cats/Kitten as she only breeds the best nature cats who love to be around people, Dogs, Cats


Sarah and Levi xx


Reply kara
11:38 PM on November 19, 2012 

Hi All!
I recently adopted my baby Covu from Jan. He is a brown spotted bengal and absolutely gorgeous! This is my first time owning a bengal cat and i must emphasise how different they really are. It's more like having a puppy following you around and demanding attention all the time! I was really surprised as at first visits I thought he was really shy and that it might take time for him to get used to me. but within first couple hours of having him he was jumping all over me!
You wont be disappointed Jan is an amazing breeder from temperants to looks! purrfect kittens

Reply Craig Cleeland
5:33 AM on November 13, 2011 

Tarzan has settled in beautifully, loves to come out into the garden and chase anything that moves. Also he loves to have a chat - particularly when needing some attention. We love our newest addition to the family - thank you Jan.

Cleeland family

Reply Samantha Farrow
2:55 AM on October 28, 2011 

I must tell anyone reading this website that you need not look any further. I now have the pleasure of owning my own brown spotted Bengal kitten from Jan and Chantay Bengals. His name is Mojo and he is without a doubt the most perfect little kitten. He comes from a Breeder that has clearly spent time with him, loving, nurturing and feeding him to be the little Cat that he is for me and my family. Mojo is affectionate, he has time for every member of our family, including two Parson Russell Terriors. He has taken everything in his stride. He came here perfectly toilet trained and he is a very healthy eater. I have had Mojo for a little over a week at home and you would think he has been here for his whole life. I cant sing enough praise for Jan and her cats!! Mojo is such a delightful little kitten. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! xo

Reply Sam Thorpe
3:36 AM on October 10, 2011 

In addition to Lucy Casbarra's comment.


On the Saturday I have the profound pleasure of meeting the most adorable little thing I have ever met: Ghost. He is a truly beautiful kitten in both colouring and nature. He is an amazing little guy. I have to admit the breeder has done an excellent job with him and you can tell she really cares about her cats. (It rare to see now days with breeders) Jan your are an amazing breeder and should be very proud of the little miracles you help create.



Reply Lucy Casbarra
1:56 AM on October 10, 2011 

on Saturday 08/10/11 I became the proud mum of Ghost - a baby Seal Lynx Marble Bengal. He has a very bright and inquisitive personality. within an hour of bringing him home he was climbing all over me trying to pounce on his toys and his favourite place to sleep seems to be on anyones lap! He has been telling me his life story in a tiny raspy sqeaking voice and been demanding praise on the litter box in a not so tiny voice! The funniest moment so far has been listening to him talk with his mouth full while eating - it sounds like "mawmawmawmaw" and is the most random thing I have ever heard!! My litte boy has such a loveable nature and is definately the result of a fantastic breeding programme, Thankyou Jan, I will be recommending you to anyone wanting a Bengal!! :D

Reply Ian Culleton
8:21 PM on August 26, 2011 

omg this is without doubt the most amazing website I have ever seen. I didn't know anything about bengals before I saw this . you must be a beautiful , loving ,caring human being to breed cats this beautiful. Thank you for everything you do.I'll take 10..

Reply Pernilla
5:35 PM on July 12, 2011 

I visit your website and find Silver Ch Chantay Bloomin Marbleous (Maizey). Really Love that cat!:)

Best regards Pernilla


Reply Becca
10:50 AM on July 4, 2011 

These cats are just so beautiful, i can't wait until i have a house of my own so i can get one

Reply vnsargentb5
9:28 AM on June 27, 2011 
I am new here, wish you have a nice day.
Reply txnikkijamesi3
10:50 PM on June 15, 2011 
Great site from Temple Arnow
Reply monique angelopoulos
9:20 PM on May 3, 2011 

beautiful cats, and i cant wait untill im older so i can buy one :)

Reply elsa buck
4:25 AM on April 6, 2011 

Wish to adopt a male brown rosetted glitter boy. Recently disappointed as was to adopt kitten but mother gave birth two weeks early and kittens did not survive.

if possibility exhists in future please let me know

Reply andrew gibb
3:05 AM on March 13, 2011 

bueatifull animals